Smelters, pulp mills, paper mills, chemical plants and other industries will produce a large number of corrosive and even toxic air pollutants during the production.



In urban environment, the combustion of fossil fuel in transportation will release various amounts of acid oxidizing and corrosive air pollutants.



The industries of chemicals, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, food processing and other industries will release a large number of irritating odors and corrosive pollutants during the manufacturing.



The laboratory, hospital and others will produce a large number of irritating odor, bacteria and other pollutants.


A large number of air pollutants such as acid, alkali and dust will be produced during the production process of coal-fired power generation and petrochemical industry.



In coastal areas, a large number of corrosive pollutants with high salinity will be produced during the sea water transpiration.



In wastewater treatment and solid waste disposal plants, a large variety of offensive odours and peculiar smells as well as corrosive gases will be produced due to fermentation, chemical addition or combustion process.



In museums and archives, the protection and storage of cultural relics and archives data will be seriously affected by various acid, oxidizing and corrosive gases introduced from outside and released from inside.



Office buildings

A large amount of fresh air is required to be introduced from the outdoor for office activities, which will contain a large number of various pollutants; all kinds of decoration materials used in interior design projects will slowly release different kinds of volatile and irritant gases over time. These air pollutants, if not treated, will affect human health for a long time, reducing work efficiency and even causing diseases.


Museums and archives

Outdoor air pollutants, entering the reservoir area following the fresh air system, will have a long-term corrosive impact on various cultural relics, ancient books and archival data. In the process of cultural relics protection, all kinds of silk fabrics and ancient books data need to be treated with acid discharge regularly. If the acid gas released is not treated, it will cause secondary pollution to the environment in the storage area.



The excrement from experimental animals will produce serious and peculiar odours; and all kinds of reagents used will produce a large number of highly concentrated chemical pollutants. These pollutants, if discharged directly without treatment, will cause serious impact on the surrounding environment.


Semiconductor field

The processing of various chips, panels and electronic components requires a very clean environment. If the outdoor air pollution, entering the room following the fresh air, is not treated, it will seriously affect the production quality and lead to a decline in the product yield.

数据中心 控制室

Data center and control room

IT servers, storage equipment, network equipment, automatic control equipment, etc. are very sensitive to various acidic, alkaline and salt pollutants in the air. If not handled, it will lead to serious corrosion of electronic equipment, causing shutdown and even business interruption.


Pharmaceutical manufacturing

The production of all kinds of drugs and medical devices has a very high requirement for environmental cleanliness. Outdoor air pollutants will lead to a decline in cleanliness, thus affecting productiont quality.


Household life field

Frequent haze entering the room through doors and windows will seriously impact human health if it cannot be effectively purified. Ordinary activated carbon materials can only purify air through physical adsorption, with short service life and low efficiency, if they cannot be replaced in time and effectively, it will also cause secondary release of pollutants and further deteriorate air quality.


Automobile manufacturing field

The engine bench test will produce a high concentration of acid gas emissions. Spraying lines will produce a large amount of volatile gases and irritating odors. If it is discharged without treatment, it will seriously affect the surrounding environment of the plant.


Createch Asia (CA) has many  different types of chemical medias, chemical filters and chemical filtration sets, which can provide complete air quality solutions to meet the clean air purification requirements of different environments such as precision manufacturing, industrial production and commercial buildings. At the same time, Createch Asia can also provide users with professional air analysis equipment and detection services to create a comprehensive solution for the whole life cycle.

Traditional solutions

  • Physical adsorption principle/process reversibility
  • The limited adsorption capacity and unpredicted service life
  • Without relevant certification/use safety cannot be guaranteed
  • Only small molecular weight volatile gases can be filtered
  • Hazardous waste after use/need special treatment
  • High temperature and oscillating environment are easy to cause secondary release

For these large amount of air pollutants, the traditional solution is to filter the particulate pollutants in the air through a dust filter, but do nothing with various gaseous pollutants; or activated carbon is used for simple adsorption, while due to its own technical limitations, activated carbon materials are powerless for acidic and alkaline gases with low efficiency, short service life and secondary pollution after desorption, and are gradually being eliminated.

CA solutions

  • Chemical reaction mode/process is irreversible
  • The service life can be accurately calculated through colorimetry and sampling inspection
  • Having passed many international safety certifications, it is safe and harmless to human body and environment
  • It can filter acidic, alkaline, corrosive, volatile, peculiar smell and other gases
  • Neutral substances are generated after the reaction and can be treated as general waste
  • Up to dozens of professional formulas / no secondary release

CA creatively applies “gas-phase chemical technology” to the field of air purification. CLEAN-AIR solid air media with a unique formula, after contacting with gaseous pollutants in the air, it produces a chemical reaction rapidly under catalytic action, thus achieving filtering effect. Medias with different formulas have extremely strong filtering effect on various acidic, alkaline, salt, volatile, corrosive gases and peculiar smells, and the single purification efficiency can reach more than 99.5% without secondary pollution.

Industrial Production

Precision Environment

Commercial Institution