Createch Asia (CA) is an environmental protection enterprise specializing in air pollution control. We provide research & development, manufacturing , sales and services for a series of products such as air purification technology, purification materials, purification equipment and testing instruments for users in various government ministries and commisioned research as well as the following industrial sectores of finance, Internet services, petroleum/petrochemical, semiconductor, precision electronics, solid waste disposal, museums, archives, laboratories, medical treatment, automobile manufacturing, office buildings, household air purification, etc. After years of development, we have established a complete system integrating research and development, manufacturing and sales, accumulated a large number of successful cases in various industries and around the world, and achieved extremely high customer satisfaction.


China, Taiwan (China), Hong Kong (China), Macao (China), South Korea, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia


UK, Germany, France, Spain

North America

USA, Canada



In the context of the widespread air pollution in various industries, We creatively apply gas-phase chemical technology to the field of air pollution control to purify all kinds of acidic, alkaline, corrosive, irritant, volatile, peculiar smell and other gaseous pollutants existing in the air, receiving an efficient and targeted purification effect, which means high purification efficiency, long life cycle, no secondary pollution, and is safe and reliable to human body and environment.


We focus on providing users with professional technology and high-quality products, establishing long-term, reliable trust and cooperation with users worldwide. We advocate a diverse business environment and respect the values of different individuals and cultures. We attach importance to the positive relationship between individual and social development, emphasize the quick response to customer needs and the actions, to solve various environmental challenges in the current and future.

Mission &

We will continue to develop and create new technologies and products to lead the development trend of global air purification technology. We will make unremitting efforts to create a better living environment of mankind.


After years of innovation and development, Createch Asia (CA) has served a large number of users in different industries, such as government, petroleum and petrochemical, communications, finance, Internet, steel, rail transit, automobile manufacturing, medicine, chemical industry and so on, and won extremely high public praise.

Numbers of international certification
to meet the needs of safe usage

Createch Asia (CA) series products have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, MSDS and many other international certifications, ensuring the safety of human body and environment while the quality of products is guaranteed.